Library Policies

  • The library computers have a program installed that tracks usage...that's it. In order to use the computers, patrons must input their library card number.                           
  • Don't have a library card? Bring your picture I.D. and a bill with your current address to the circulation desk (downstairs in the Library), fill out a quick application and get your card.
  • As of October 1st guest passes to use the computers will still be available, but you will need to ask for them at the circulation desk. They will not be available upstairs in the computer lab.  
   Only those materials that are in good condition and relevant to the needs and interests of the community will be accepted. Once donated, materials become library property and will be used at the discretion of the library, be that sales, free materials to community members, or added to our collection. 
      Donations are accepted ONLY during regular operating hours. Please do not leave donations by the door or in the Book Return. 
      Cash donations will be accepted only if the donor agrees that the library director and staff are solely responsible for the selection of materials purchased with the money. 

Book Return
      The book return box is located in the front of the library. It is available at all time. Books are picked up Monday through Saturday by 10:00am

Library Visits
      The library staff enjoys showing off the library. Schools, clubs, or other large groups planning a trip to the library are asked to make an appointment so the library staff will be available to show you around and answer your questions. 
      To schedule appointments, please contact Kathy Banks at (505) 867-1440.


  • We want your visit to the library to be a good experience. With that in mind, please do not leave children unattended as the Library Staff is not responsible for their safety.
  • Rude, disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Any child or adult displaying these types of behaviors will be invited to leave the library.
  • No child under the age of ten is allowed in the library unattended.