Hands-on Activities

March 24, 2020 -  STEM Project
Daylight in a Bottle


Celebrate Earth Day at home by harnessing the power of natural resources! Using this technology has helped people around the world save energy, and add light to their life. See how it has changed lives, watch A Liter of Light.

Try lighting up a room with just two things: free, clean energy from the Sun and a water bottle. Check out the how-to video Daylight in a Bottle.

Supplies needed
Tape - Electrical and/or Masking
Water bottles
Scissor or box cutter (let mom and dad help)

March 19, 2020 - Art Project


First Day of Spring -  Talk about Spring. Sing a Spring Song. Read a Spring story. Make a Butterfly.
You will need: coffee filters; watercolor paints or washable markers; water; eye dropper, spray bottle, or measuring spoon; and a pipe cleaner.

Put the coffee filter on a piece of foil or on a cookie sheet.
Have your child color a design on to the filter.
Use a spray bottle, or eye dropper, or small measuring spoon and drip water on to the design. You will see the colors run together. Let it dry. Crinkle the middle of the filter together. Tie the pipe cleaner around, leaving the end pieces to make antennas. Fluff out the filter. Poof, you have a butter fly.

March 18, 2020 - Story Time
Some of the following ideas come from our Literacy Calendar, which is geared towards a younger age group (1yr olds to 5 yr olds), but many of the activities can easily be adapted to engage the older kids (6 yr olds to 10 year olds).

1. Happy Birthday Dr. Suess - Read or tell a Dr. Suess story, most of us know The Cat in the Hat.   


  • Have your child draw a picture of the story.
  • Ask them how they could fit into the story.
  • Have your older child write a story using the characters in the book.
  • Bake a cake / cupcakes/ cookies with your child.
This activity uses math and language/writing skills as well as their imagination.