Lodger's Tax


Lodger's Tax Fund

The Town of Bernalillo Lodger's Tax Board normally meets the 3rd Wednesday in February, June and October. For up to date information on Lodger's Tax Board meetings and information, please contact Mike Kloeppel at mkloeppel@townofbnernalillo.org or call: 505-771-7133. Meetings start at 6:30 PM and are held at Town Hall, Council Chambers and are open to the public.

The Town of Bernalillo will accept proposals submitted for the expenditure of Lodger's Tax funding until 5:00 p.m on Friday as listed on the most currernt RFP below.  
To APPLY for Lodger's Tax Funding, Click on the APPLICATION FORM LINK below.
Lodger's Tax fund requests must be for events held in Bernalillo, New Mexico and can only be used for the following:
  • Advertising and promoting tourist facilities and activities through design, production and placement of media advertisement for events held in Bernalillo, New Mexico
  • Establising, operating, construction, purchasing, otherwise acquiring, reconstructing, bettering, or otherwise improving, equipping, and furnishing tourism facilities owned by the Town of Bernalillo
  • Providing police and/or fire protection and/or sanitation services for tourist related events and attractions located within the Town of Bernalillo proper.
For more information on the next Lodger's Tax funding, please visit the links below.


Application Form

Application Form (Fillable)