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Middle/Junior High

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Martha Liebert Public Library

Childcare/ Day Care

-La Petite Academy
Phone: (505) 867-6672

-Castillo Day Care
Phone: (505) 867-1577

-Jaramillo Day Care
Phone: (505) 771-8720

-Sandoval County Head Start
Phone: (505)771-0647

-Lynn’s Day Care
Phone: (505)771-1056

-Marian’s Day Care
Phone:  867-6562

-Peanut Butter & Jelly Family Services
Phone: (505) 867-2356

-PMS Bernalillo Head Start
Phone: (505)771-0647

-Saenz Day Care
Phone: (505)867-1574

-The Munchkin Center
Phone: (505) 404-5226

*For more information regarding Child Care in and around the Bernalillo area, including star ratings, click here

Early Education (Birth to age five years)
La Escuelita Early Childhood Center
Address: 301 Calle de Escuela
Bernalillo, NM 87004
Phone: (505) 404-5585
Website: Early Education

Elementary  (Pre-School to Fifth Grade)
Roosevelt Elementary School (Pre-School to Second Grade)
Address: 842 Camino don Tomas
Bernalillo, NM 87004
Phone: (505)867-5472

Bernalillo Elementary School (Third Grade to Fifth Grade)
Address: 480 Calle del Norte
Bernalillo, NM 87004
Phone: (505) 867-3366

Middle/Junior High (Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade)
Bernalillo Middle School (Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade)
Address: 485 Camino Don Tomas
Phone: (505) 867-3309

Village Academy Charter School (Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade)
Address: 301 N. Camino del Pueblo
Phone: (505)867-9094

High School (Ninth Grade to Twelfth Grade)
Bernalillo High School
Address: 250 Isidro Sanchez Rd
Phone: (505) 867-2388
*For more information regarding Bernalillo Public Schools, click here

Higher Education/College
University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (Bernalillo Campus)
Address: 237 S. Camino del Pueblo
Phone: (505) 771-4071
UNM-LA/Bernalillo is a satellite campus of the Los Alamos Branch Campus. The campus offers a variety of Associate Degrees and Certificates in Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Liberal Arts, Pre-Business Administration, Pre-Engineering, General Studies, and much more! We are conveniently located at 237 S. Camino del Pueblo (across from the Flying Star restaurant). We offer “basic” courses at a convenient location and at an affordable cost. Further, we offer small class sizes, helpful Student Services staff, and we work to make your transition to UNM-Main or UNM-West as seamless as possible.
The majority of our classes are taught at Bernalillo High School and most are offered in the evenings. As New Mexico’s flagship university, we offer research/core courses that will help you well into your academic future. Since we are UNM, you can take courses at other UNM locations including Albuquerque and UNM-West in conjunction with our courses. Our courses are $67 per credit hour. In addition, we have extensive financial aid programs available.

Bernalillo Campus

Los Alamos Campus

Financial Aid
Dual Credit
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Educational Opportunity Center- Bernalillo Office
Address: 811 Camino del Pueblo
Phone: (505) 867-5195
The New Mexico Educational Opportunity Center can help you by providing information about available grants, scholarships and loans. The EOC also provides information about technical/vocational schools, college and universities. In addition, the EOC provides  educational, financial, career and job outlook advisement, including assistance with forms and compiling information you need to apply for admission and financial aid (FAFSA), and much more!

A New Mexico Educational Opportunity Bernalillo Center assists low income adults and provides its services free of charge.



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